Sunday, June 1, 2014

Financial Difficulty vs Free Will

Hi Jordan,

Everything is going bad for me in life. Specifically, financially and emotionally. I am in my final year in the university and I am facing a horrible financially difficulty. I don't have any avenue to look up to at the moment, all my cries unto God seem to be a waste of times. My efforts on sports betting in other to raise some money to sponsor my education are going in vain. total failure is the outcome of all my efforts. please help me anyway you can. I am desperately in need of help. I need financial breakthrough, favor, better luck, Glory and Love. Please help me.


Ghana, Accra

Hello Francis,

Thank you for writing in. It’s great that you are working on getting an education. Financial difficulty is something countless people experience and can be quite stressful. Temptation always wants us to give up when faced with challenges, as well as tempt us to cut corners in order to gain what we want. Do you think sports betting is the best path to take to finance your education? As with any path one chooses, there are positive (the light) and negative (the dark) that exist. With betting, you may win big but you may also lose, right? 

Why not consider finding a part time job or is there any way to take an education loan out your country? These are other possible paths you could consider to improve your finances while focusing on your education.

You may want to visit the website and read the pages on How to Evolve your soul. This page and the pages linked it offer guidance on how people can learn how to harness the light in one's soul to create the future you wish to experience. Spiritual evolution is not necessarily easy, and hardships are part of each of our evolution. The question is what path do we choose to follow and what do we do in the face of a challenge.

Free will always leaves us with a choice. It is how we use this universal gift that determines our ultimate destiny.

Love and Light,

Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility

Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility
There are a lot of similarities between a Gemini and Aquarius, which makes their union very promising. Gemini stimulates Aquarius mentally and loves their visionary ideas. They have this energy and passion in them that Aquarians find very amusing. 

Not all can give the same warmth and security Aquarius longs for in a partner. 

Gemini never bores them and there is always something interesting to discover about them.

Both cling more to their logical side. They both not only love to come up with new and inventive ideas, but also love to put them into action. Aquarians are strong and natural dreamers. Gemini can charm them with their wit and can encourage Gemini to keep on going. Reading your Daily Gemini Love Horoscope with help you understand your partner.

Advantages of Aquarius and Gemini Relationship

Flexibility is something that Aquarius is advantageous of when in a relationship with a Gemini. Anything goes for a Gemini. Both of them can reinvent and experiment about everything. There is no taboo for them. Their flaws and inconsistencies are not even that much of an issue.

Aquarians always share deep conversations with a Gemini. They share the same interests and viewpoints almost all of the time. To some extent, they even have the same opinions about things, frequently finishing each other's sentences. They share an excellent logical rapport with each other.

Lastly, they both place much importance on their freedom. Aquarius and Gemini both understand how they need space from time to time, and therefore, don't hinder each other to grow, mingle, and do the things they want.  They both love variety and change, as well as exploring and savoring new experiences. However, Gemini's unpredictability can sometimes overpower Aquarius, but nothing beats surprises in a relationship according to the Aquarian.

Disadvantages of Aquarius and Gemini Relationship

One of the biggest drawbacks of this relationship is Aquarians' ability to deal with their emotions. Just like Gemini, they would rather pull away from issues that they think may jeopardize the relationship and let things cool down first or, better yet, just let them die down. They are never good handling emotional turmoil.

Due to Gemini's fast-paced energy, it can sometimes be too hard to catch up with them. They want to do so many things. They tend to like one interest and move to the next as quickly as they liked the first. Though, this only means that they will never bore an Aquarian, it can also be tiring and challenging.

Lastly, Gemini is not emotionally expressive. They have this slit personality that can sometimes be bothering. They may be okay at first and be agitated the next. At times, it can be hard to figure them out. Though, Aquarius wants a partner who is not too emotional and clingy, it is also nice if they know how to deal with them if they hold back emotionally.

Don'ts With an Aquarian and Gemini Relationship

Aquarians think that they know everything, and when they are corrected, can become very defensive, finding it hard to accept the fact that they are wrong. And since Gemini can also be mental challengers, it is a must that they understand how to handle their partner's emotional tantrums.

Both are extroverts and open-minded, but Aquarius is quite different. They are high-spirited, but they are also known rebels. If they want something, they must get it. They will always find a way, however it will be, to get what they want. And as instantaneous as Geminis are, they must give enough leeway and continue to encourage their Aquarius.

Lastly, Gemini always goes for the excitement of the chase, but once they are half way into the relationship, they become restless and begin to wander around for their next romantic interest. They easily become restless with their partner if they don't get the excitement and entertainment they want. Their Aquarius partner must never be complacent; they must keep the fire fueled for the love for flourish. The best way to keep their Gemini attracted is through their love for adventure and knowledge.

What The Relationship Needs

The best way to get exact insights of this relationship is to request a free Relationship Compatibility Reading, these reports are birth-specific. Generally speaking, Aquarius is known to be a stone-hearted individual while Gemini is known for their unpredictable dual personality. Though they have a different set of traits, they share an excellent rapport with regards to their intellectual aspect. They can engage in deep conversations, explore their imaginative minds, and put into actions their ambitious dreams.

What this relationship needs is consistency and spontaneity, as both can easily get bored and tired with their relationships. They must be able to keep up with each other's energy and sustain the fire within them with variety. They must together explore new adventures and encourage each other's mind sufficiently enough to keep their relationship going. 

Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to Use Your Daily Gemini Horoscope

Gemini is ruled by the twin sign, symbolizing a dual nature. They can be one person one time, and be someone else the next moment. They are always looking to define who they are, always with a curious mind. But this does not stop them from exploring new boundaries and adventures for themselves to experience. Likewise, they come from the air element, which represents their logical side. They can be interested in so many things all at once, and quickly find them to be boring the next. They are quick to digest new and creative ideas, bold to try new things, and trail paths whenever opportunities arise for them.

Gemini can balance and easily accept the Yin-yang's of life. They have a positive outlook on everything, making them one of the most liked zodiac signs. They are inquisitive and great conversationalists. However, those who surround them must accept the fact that Gemini's dual personality can be off beat most of the time. They can turn on and switch off in a flash, making them very unpredictable, even to themselves. Reading their Daily Gemini Horoscope may help them in recognizing this trait and trying to modify their behavior.

Acquiring a Gemini personality reading can provide a deeper explanation and representation to how Gemini thinks and behaves as a whole. It can be a powerful tool to use for spiritual guidance and spiritual growth. Your Gemini personality reading can help you decide the path in which you want to take to achieve the life you want, destined for you to follow.

Gemini Relationship Compatibility Reading

An Gemini relationship compatibility reading can guide you through your relationship with the different signs. It is not intended to dictate or alter what you currently have within your relationships, but to help you understand how things are and help you improve on various aspects of your life. The best matches for Gemini are Libra, Leo, and Scorpio. The zodiacs you might have difficulty with are: Virgo, and Pisces. Here's why:

Gemini and Libra make a perfect match because of their likeness to stimulate their minds. Their mental agility is boundless. They can cloud themselves with creative ideas and help each other put them into action. As positive and determined as they are, Libra can help Gemini focus on one thing they want to achieve, while Gemini can feed Libra's enthusiasm for new interests.

A Gemini and Leo pairing is a relationship rested on a playful and spiritual side. Both love to seek new adventures and are fearless to try new things. Their energy is overflowing, making them always at the helm of everything. Leo can support and sustain Gemini's need for fast-paced life, while Gemini can help Leo spread their high spirits.

Gemini and Scorpio have an unbreakable relationship. While Scorpio seeks intimacy from Gemini, they can also provide constant protection for their limitless need for adventure. Additionally, they can help Gemini set their focus and effort on projects they can't seem to finish. Likewise, Gemini can help Scorpio bend their controlling side and think outside the box.

Gemini and Virgo have a relationship that is hard to work out. Their indifference can eat up each other's energy, making it difficult for things to last. Virgos are critical thinkers and want to make sure things are planned out, while Geminis are carefree and will not hesitate to jump into anything.

Gemini and Pisces are simply the exact opposites. Pisces seeks attention most of the time and Gemini is simply too busy to give it to them. They care more about their personal aspirations to worry how the Pisces feels and to consider the things they want. A Gemini relationship compatibility reading can also help you discover who you are and improve your present relationships.

How to Customize Your Daily Gemini Horoscope

The universe is constantly trying to reach out to us. The goal of your daily Gemini horoscope is to help you gain self-awareness and create an unbounded relationship with the universe. Whatever you are seeking and hoping for in life; the universe will create the path for you.

You can strengthen your connection with the universe by customizing your daily Gemini horoscope. Through this simple exercise, you gain confidence to take control over your life and direct the universe to where you want to be at, whether it be the course of your career, your relationships, or your status in life. Take the first step. Visit your daily Gemini horoscope and give it a thorough reading. Cut and paste the portion of the reading you want to edit, based on the areas you want to achieve spiritual guidance and growth. Take this simple example. The words in quotations would be your own comments.

Have a realistic, "positive, and upbeat" outlook on life and take it seriously. Use your ambitions, "to be promoted as assistant supervisor this year," with a strong desire "and confidence" to succeed in life. Be ready "and optimistic" to endure hardship "in both my work and my family life" if a cause is worthy enough.

Customizing your daily horoscope can take you less than 5 minutes to personalize. It is a clear-cut way to direct the universe to what you want, and a self-awakening at the same time to the things you have to continue and improve in life.

Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

Friday, January 18, 2013

Tips for being in a Relationship with a Gemini

Gemini when in love is very illuminating much like its planet Mercury. They are straight forward and aggressive lovers. They never beat around the bush. They are too impatient to wait around, so they grab every chance to show they like someone, even if they are still in the infatuation stage. And if they feel things are not going on so well, they are also the first to leap out and go.

Gemini relationships are like a roller coaster. Anyone brave enough to profess their love should be ready to keep up. Geminis are very upbeat, both in their social and personal lives. They are full of ideas and excitement and a partner who can stimulate these mental activities would be their perfect match.

A relationship with a Gemini is like a courtroom where constant debates arise. They love lively discussions as well as intelligent and delightful company. Geminis are very logical, often indecisive with their emotions and decisions. A whirlwind romance with them should be expected.

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Positive Traits Of A Gemini Lover

Gemini lovers always look for diversity and have the constant need for change. They generally do not like routines, which makes them bring forth heightened romance all the time. They are fun to be with and full of energy and excitement. Their wit and crazy sense of humor are their trademark.

Gemini is a very sensitive lover. They can read their partner's emotions and feelings in an instant. They are also generous lovers. Once you win their heart, they will shower you with gifts, mostly with lavish ones.

Geminis are also great in multitasking. They thrive with time management and are very efficient with their decision making. They can be all over you and be in the mood to do business at the same time.

Negative Traits of A Gemini Lover

Gemini can easily be restless, especially if their partners do not know how to stimulate their senses and logical side. They are fun to be with, but can also be teasingly annoying. They love to bully, especially if they don't get anything intellectual from their lover.

Geminis have the tendency to demand appreciation and pampering, which can sometimes come unexpected. If this need arises, their lovers should give it right away, or they will think twice about even loving you in the first place. They can be frigid and emotionless, but it doesn't mean they love their partners less.

Gemini is a born flirt. They do this all the time, but for them it is merely just pure fun and harmless. They also have the inclination to be too possessive. They can be jealous of everyone who surrounds their partner.

How To Attract A Gemini

Attracting a Gemini is easy and simple. You just have to be twice as smart and witty as they are. They long for people who are sweet charmers and who can carry on long and intellectual conversations. They are very fickle people, so to attract them, you must love variety and spice in your life. They like people who are adventurous and open minded people; those who are not afraid to take a step into the big world.

They have wild and crazy ideas in mind. To attract them, you can start conversations about themselves as well as their plans in life. They love to talk about their ideas all day long with someone who carefully and actively listens. Geminis will mostly be attracted to a person who loves to shower them with flattering words, those who are courageous enough to follow them with their day dreams, and those who can seduce them with their mind games permanently.

Don'ts With A Gemini

Gemini easily gets disappointed, especially if their lover does not feed their mind. Never hold back on a Gemini. Tell them what your plans and ideas are. This will excite them and keep them drawn to you longer.

Never be a conservative lover with a Gemini. They are always on a fast track when it comes to intimacy. Rejecting them or delaying can turn them off quickly. Also, don't do the same thing twice with them. Be experimental, even if it means you have to dig in deeper and be crazy.

Because of the need for diversity, patience is always required for Gemini's lovers. Never be hot tempered or impatient. They can easily replace you in an instant.  Lastly, never insult or oppose a Gemini, especially with their ideas. They will never forgive you.

What Gemini Needs From Their Relationship

A Gemini needs a relationship full of constant intellectual stimulation and fun and exciting diversity. They are never calm and are always on-the-go to venture out. They need a relationship founded on independence. They won't appreciate someone looking for security and stability with them. They want someone who can fight for what they want as well as strong-willed individuals.

Gemini needs a relationship centered on them. They want their lovers to woo and spoil them always. They have this light side that needs to be filled with praise and confidence. If this isn't satisfied, they can flee in no time.

Gemini does not like waiting, so they need a relationship that is always on the fast track. Once they want something done, both should agree right away, and immediately start to do it. They don't like being controlled, but would want someone to feed their need for mental sparring from time to time. Lastly, a Gemini needs a relationship full of patience and understanding. They need someone who knows what they want, and is merely okay with an unplanned relationship; one that goes along with the tide.

Having a relationship with a Gemini is full of enthusiasm and fun. There are no dull moments. They are two sides of their personality: a sweet and kind lover, and the side that can be your worst enemy if you do not know how to get them what they want. 

Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor